The Nexi are angelic beings, ascended masters and enlightened beings plus a host of tools and energies that have been assigned to them to assist in the transformation of consciousness.

The Nexi describe themselves as the Voice of the Christ Consciousness and the qualities of the Christ Consciousness are Love, Peace and Forgiveness - the foundational energies of the universe.

Their mission is to assist humanity in releasing limiting energies such as anger, judgement, greed and cruelty and to bring human beings to a clearer understanding of their own divine connection.

The Nexi number 1000 in total and function in 10 groups of 100 which each comprise 3 angelic beings, 33 ascended masters or enlightened beings and 64 tools or energies.

The 10 groups each have a different energy signature that reflects their purpose. The groups are:

Healers, Dreamers, Weavers, Prophets, Truth-tellers, Guardians, Guides, Gatherers, Voices and Caretakers.

Students of Verbatim Healing are typically more closely connected to one of the groups than the others.